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Danube barging –  Danube – Rhine – Main

The connection of the Constantza Port with the Danube River is made through the Danube-Black Sea Canal, which represents one of the main strengths of port.

Important cargo quantities are carried by Danube River, between Constantza and Central and Eastern European countries (Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium).

As a charterer/broker based in Romania & Bulgaria we have very good relationships with many local river-barge owners and also with foreign barge owners.

Main cargoes moved by barges on Danube are:

* fertilizers;
* grains;
* steel products;
* projects & heavy lifts equipments;
* construction materials;

Most of the tonnage chartered is represented by selfpropelled river barges from 1000 dwt up tp 5000 dwt , but also convoys of 4-6 barges.

Using Rhine-Maine-Danube-Black Sea Canal , cargoes from Central Europe/North Europe can be moved to Caspian Sea being transshipped at Constantza Port.