Trading terms

Trading terms and conditions

trading terms

Our activity is governed by the following trading terms and conditions:

Freight Forwarding activities

FIATA Rules for freight forwarding apply when they are incorporated, however, this is made, in writing, orally or otherwise, into a contract by referring to the FIATA Model Rules for Freight Forwarding Services.

Whenever such reference is made, the parties agree that these Rules shall supersede any additional terms of the contract which are in conflict with these Rules, except insofar as they
increase the responsibility or obligations of the Freight Forwarder.

Freight Forwarding Services means services of any kind relating to the carriage, consolidation, storage, handling, packing, or distribution of the Goods as well as ancillary and advisory
services in connection therewith, including but not limited to customs and fiscal matters, declaring the Goods for official purposes, procuring insurance of the Goods, and collecting or
procuring payment or documents relating to the Goods.

Freight Forwarder means the person concluding a contract of Freight Forwarding Services with a Customer.

Carrier means any person actually performing the carriage of the Goods with his own means of transport (performing Carrier) and any person subject to carrier liability as a result of an
express or implied undertaking to assume such liability (contracting Carrier).

Customer means any person having rights or obligations under the contract of Freight Forwarding Services concluded with a Freight Forwarder or as a result of his activity in
connection with such services.

Goods mean any property including live animals as well as containers, pallets, or similar articles of transport or packaging not supplied by the Freight Forwarder.

SDR means a Special Drawing Right as defined by the International Monetary Fund.



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