Chartering & Shipbroking

Lion Shipping is providing chartering & shipbroking services on international market, the primary focus of our business is on bulk carrier vessels of all sizes, ranging from short sea to Panamax, for voyage charters as well as long-term time charter contracts in both the deep sea and short sea sectors. Our aim is to provide high-quality services in the chartering and shipbroking sector.

We are able to provide a key link between charterers and ship owners by combining our extensive market knowledge with the ability to satisfy our principals’ expectations. This allows us to offer exciting prospects and inventive solutions whenever and wherever our clients’ needs arise.

We handle a large number of shipments each year with a wide cargo coverage of all major commodities, including fertilizers, grains, steel products, scrap, coke, cement, and many more primary products on a worldwide basis from single or consecutive voyage business fixing short, long term period projects and contracts of affreightment. These shipments can be from single voyage business fixing short, long term period projects and contracts of affreightment.

heavylift vessel project cargo


Lion Shipping & Chartering Ltd Romania is BIMCO member in the brokers’ category.

The skills that enable Lion Shipping & Chartering to deliver a high-caliber service are employee experience, industry understanding, and a proactive mindset.

Because of our dedication, we build a rapport of trust with our customers that enables us to fully comprehend their demands and provide specialized solutions using the best human and technology resources.

As charterers/freight forwarders or ship-brokers we are focused on:

* Coastal/Deep Sea market;
* Danube River market.

Most of ships we are chartering or shipbroking , are carrying following cargoes:

* projects, industrial equipment, heavy lifts;
* fertilizers;
* grains;
* steel products;
* construction materials;
* energy equipments.

steel bars

Our approach is:

  • to provide our clients with a steady flow of information going both ways;
  • to provide our clients with the added benefit of our professionalism in all aspects of our chartering services;
  • to aid in the prevention of any potential issue that might develop during the shipping/chartering activities;
  • to quickly address any issues that could arise during shipbroking activities.

ship bulk carrier

The chartering and brokerage of vessels is an area in which Lion Shipping & Chartering has extensive experience over a long period of time. The chartering staff at Lion Shipping focuses on providing service solutions that are safe, efficient, cost-effective, and timely when moving everything from large volumes of steel, fertilizer, grain, and coal to project cargoes like industrial plant process equipment and pipe shipments for the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation industries.

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