Defense & Military Logistics

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Defense & Military Logistics

Lion Shipping & Chartering offers a full range of shipping solutions for defense and military logistics from Romania to worldwide.

We transport military equipment and dangerous goods across our global network, subject to carriers’ acceptance and providing best services for military logistics operations.

Our end-to-end supply chain services can be customized to the specific needs of the military forces and other defense agencies or private industries.

We are able to transport all nine classes of dangerous goods across our global network via air, sea, road, and rail – providing safe and secure freight services.

We understand why and how our customers need their HAZMAT/Dangerous Goods to be transported and stored.

Dangerous goods we carry:

bulk chemicals
fuel (petrol and diesel)
crude oil
chemical fertilizers
flammable liquids and solids
oxidizing substances
corrosive substances
organic peroxides

Company presentation – defense logistics & military transports in Romania. – click here.

If you have any inquiries in respect of defense and military logistics do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected].

IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units


IMDG Code or International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code is accepted by MSC (Maritime Safety Committee) as an international guideline to the safe transportation or shipment of dangerous goods or hazardous materials by water on vessel. IMDG Code is intended to protect crew members and to prevent marine pollution in the safe transportation of hazardous materials by vessel.

IMDG Code goods classification:

dangerous goods classification